Jan 11, 2011

BerylPubaf People of the Year 2010

Beryl Group Public Affairs '2011' Political Ticker

Author: Gabriel Omololu Omowaye, COO Beryl Group

Beryl Group Public Affairs has over the years been involved in quality construction of the political landscape in Africa, and particularly in Nigeria.

The year 2010 has witnessed a lot of political dramatization throughout the global converse. As far as the organization is concerned, the ‘2011’ political ticker is centered on Nigeria.

In Nigeria, Beryl Group is taking up new shape to match up the democratic standard of political landscape in the country. The majority of the primary elections of the major parties have been concluded while eyes are set on the on-coming presidential primaries this week between the ruling party, the Peoples’ Democratic Party and her arch-rival, the Action Congress of Nigeria.

BerylPubaf, having considered the shape and structure of the Nigerian Politics, left the primaries for the party to conduct, while taking up the challenges in a different measure for the right candidates in the general elections.

As a common philosophy by George Santaya, that he who forgets his history is doomed to repeat it. BerylPubaf would like to enjoin her blog follower and other bloggers has she inputs her 2010 BerylPubaf people of the year.

1. Goodluck Jonathan

He is the former governor of Bayelsa State who later became the Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria alongside former President Shehu YarAdua. He is the current President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

What qualified him a member of BerylPubaf 2010?

At the demise of the former president, his outward calmness in the face of the storm is worthy of embodiment. Despite inside workings, he appeared a great statesman. That alone deserves him kudos.
Secondly, on resumption to office, with the technocrats and bureaucrats he appointed like the Olusegun Aganga, Henry Odein Ajumogobia, Lamido Sanusi and et cetera makes him a man worthy of leadership.

Finally, he has less or no interference with the judgements of the appeal tribunals unlike the usual ‘due process’. Although the recent decampment of many of his ministers like Dora Akinyuili and aides like Timi Alaibe, could raise dust to the interference, he is a proud member of BerylPubaf 2010.

2. Atiku Abubakar

He is currently one of the presidential candidates in the primaries of the ruling peoples’ democratic party, and a perhaps the major focus against his fellow party member and contender, President Goodluck Jonathan. Alhaji Atiku Abubakar was the Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria between 1999 and 2007.

What qualified him a member of BerylPubaf 2010?

Atiku, as he is popularly referred to, is perhaps the current undisputable master of Nigeria’s political machinery. You want to get him down? One call to one of his dynamic frontline lawyers, you are nobody and nowhere to be found.

He left the ruling party for the Action Congress of Nigeria because of circumstances travailing the Peoples’ Democratic Party at that time, especially firm standagainst the third term bid as against the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, of his former boss, President Olusegun Obasanjo. Despite a lot of storm against him, he remained not fidgeted. He deserves kudos.

He returned to the ruling party. He had a lot of challenges taking a hold. He pitted tent with his home-state arch-rival, Senator Jubril Aminu, and moved ahead. He was eventually admitted through legal means he instituted. For his boldness and high level of diplomacy, he deserves another kudos.

Finally, being one of the potential presidential candidates of the ruling party, his utmost releveance in the Nigeria poltical scence especially in his party, and being the arch-rival of the current president of the country, and his party member; his notability in the year 2010 makes him a proud member of the BerylPubaf 2010.

3. Kayode Fayemi

Dr Kayode Fayemi is the current governor of the fountain of knowledge state, Ekiti State. He is one of the leading activists of political reform in the country in the present dispensation.

What qualified him a member of BerylPubaf 2010?

The recovery of his ‘lost’ mandate after three years has so far been regarded and lauded as the one of the highest judiciary (legal) reforms in political landscape in Nigeria.

His calmness and high level of political maturity during the political travails are highly plausible.

As for the second elective governor Ayo Fayose who was the chairman of the ruling party's presidential review/selection committee before his untimely exit, Fayemi is recently named as the chairman of his party’s presidential review/selection committee, amking the state one of the highest revered states in the country.

For all the achievements and those not mentioned, he is a proud member of BerylPubaf 2010.

4. Arunma Oteh

Ms Oteh, as she is generally referred to, is the Director General of the Nigeria Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

What qualified her a member of BerylPubaf 2010?

Her presence in the SEC and the great reforms she had implemented, she deserves to be honored. Alongside, the integrity of the commission she had humbly preserved makes her a proud member of the BerylPubaf 2010.

5. Aliko Dangote

Mr Dangote is the chairman of the business conglomerate, Dangote Group of Companies. He is one of the Forbes-listed three black billionaires from Africa.

What qualified him a member of BerylPubaf 2010?

Politician come, politicians leave, Dangote remains undaunted. Recession or no recession, Dangote remains fervent.

Towards the end of year 2010, his cement franchise soared the Nigerian business. His business remains the business of hope. Managers bow, governments consult, Dangote flies high in the business sector.

For his consistency and relevance, Alhaji Dangote is a proud member of BerylPubaf 2010

6. Ahmed Tinubu

Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu is the former governor of Lagos State from 1999 to 2007. He is currently a top chieftain of the Action Congress of Nigeria.

What qualified him a member of BerylPubaf 2010?

Whenever western world is mentioned, western Nigeria cannot be ignored. After the exit of Chief Obafemi Awolowo, the highly appraised former Premier of Nigeria western world, Tinubu has rose up to the challenge. He stood thick and thin to ensure his state, Lagos State was not lost to the Peoples’ Democratic Party when the political landscape was heated up under former President Olusegun Obasanjo of the west too.

Using Lagos as a western base or capital as might be preferable, Tinubu left the Alliance Democracy to the now eventual Action Congress of Nigeria. With him being at the pilot seat, the party has reclaimed two seats from the lost four western states, and one from the middle belt; and to her credit, have had many notable politicians decamp to her fold.

Asiwaju is a proud member of BerylPubaf 2010. He deserves full kudos for his agility and one-man position of focus.

7. Henry Okah

Mr Okah is the 'former' leader of the Movement for the Emancipation of Niger Delta (MEND). He is currently standing trial at a South African Court.

What qualified him a member of BerylPubaf 2010?

BerylPubaf had considered that if one of the leading World Media Organizations, Time, mentioned Osama Bin Laden into his notable personalities, our notable personalities also included people who had made great impacts.

Mr Okah is very controversial. 2010 witnessed the rise of bombings in Nigeria. With the Independence Day, October 1, bombing that Mr Okah has been arrested for, he had repeatedly laid claim that the Federal Government roped him into the allegation on the basis for him to have refused to implicate the FG's opponents. Despite the arrest of his family members alongside, bombings have continued.

Mr Okah remains a highly regarded personality into the know-how of peace to return to the country. His high level of intelligence and importance makes him a proud member of BerylPubaf 2010.

Other people to mention include Pastor Enoch Adeboye, Johnnie Carson, Dora Akinyuili, and Julian Assange of Wikileaks.

Beryl Group

Oct 1, 2010

The Value of a Number: Nigeria at 50

By G0O0J4R "The Recent"

At a time supposedly called for a great celebration, I will give to Caesar what belongs to Caeser; and to God what belongs to God.

Somerset Maugham once said "At a dinner party, one should eat wisely but not too well, and talk well but not too wisely".

Therefore, this note would be to the very best, concise.

The value of a number:
50 - Half of a century
1960 - Sixty years after the start of the 20th century, forty years to a modern rebirth. 50 remains in the median.
1999 - End of a millennium. End of a decade
2010 - Beginning of a new decade of the 21st Century; a fundamental year of purpose.

So, as Nigerians mark the golden jubilee, it should also be noted that the year has more to it. If a common man would say "a fool at 40 is a fool forever", what would he say about a 'fool' at 50? Yet, Nigeria has made progress over the years, not at all so significant.

In America, the best (especially young) brains are promoted, enabled and supported so that the country may progress. In Africa, the best brains are suppressed, politicised, and 'killed' so that evil and corruption may prevail. Yet, not all young people are righteous, and many old people in African authorities are selfish.

A life is a gift, my dear friends and elders; a country that is united is a blessing. When there is life, they say, there is hope; where there is a country united, I say nothing great is ever too late. So let the impact begin tremendously because "a journey of a thousand mile starts with a step"; after many years, major significant steps.

For the unity God has blessed the country with, for the future that gets clearer and brighter, this day
"(I will) enter His gates with thanksgiving; go into His courts with praise. Give thanks to Him and praise His name.
For the Lord is good. His unfailing love continues forever, and His faithfulness to each generation."
(The book of Psalms, the 100th chapter, verses 4 and 5)

Happy Golden Jubilee, Nigeria!!

Gabriel Omololu Omowaye, Beryl Group Public Affairs.

Copyright, Beryl Group

Sep 30, 2010

God of Design and Purpose

God of Design and Purpose
By Gabriel O. Omowaye

At a time, I have wondered at creation, marvelled at her existence because mighty are the works of God, great are His deeds. But just like the movie 'treasure island' by Nicholas Cage, all the answers I need are in my palm, the Word of God.

I have studied and learnt Adam to be the first man on earth, yet, believers are most times referred to as sons of Abraham. For a while, I never seem to find a connection, not until now. Our Islam brothers and sisters might have the message interpreted in another form, but I am sure we will arrive at the same conclusion.

President Obama was said to be a cousin of former VP Dick Cheney, and also a long relative of Warren Buffet. Obviously, someone might have thought it is a political catapult. So also there was Matt Damon and Ben Affleck who are close buddies but about the same time like Barack, were found out to be long distance cousins.

Fellow great people following my creative blog, I bring to you a message today like no other. It is a genealogy revelation to grace by divine design and for a purpose.

In the beginning after God created man (and woman), He blessed them "be fruitful and multiply. Fill the earth and govern it. Reign over (all other creatures) [Book of Genesis, chapter 1, the 28th verse].

If you come to my village in Ode-Ekiti, we have great number of great people spread across the globe: from the famous Prof Aluko's, to my godfather (by birth) late Prof I.O. Adelola's to many predominant and common people there, one thing we have in common is that somewhat somehow, we are all related.
My grandpa who died at the age of a hundred and thirty something - his age could not be determined - estimated to be the oldest man in that province, once told me:
"Omololu, Omowaye Family is so big that I wish the females would keep their last name so that you do not marry one another". That is how big my family is.

I was led by the spirit to the book of Luke (a Greek doctor) chapter 3, verses 24 to 28, written about A.D 60
This is the message:
Adam (the first man on earth)'s son was Seth,
from Seth ... to Methuselah (the oldest man on earth who literally died at the age of 969, but might be symbolic) [Genesis 5: 27]

I once attended a church where the preacher said Methuselah was mentioned as the oldest man but had no significance. With all due respect, NO, not true. He had a great significance.

Methuselah's son was Lamech whose son was Noah.
Noah's time signified the end of the world with the flood.

Noah's son was Shem ... And Nahor's son was Terah who was the father of Abram (who God renamed to Abraham, the father of many nations).

Vs 34 -
Abraham became the father of Isaac (at the age of 100) [Genesis 21:5] Isaac became the father of Jacob (God renamed Jacob to Israel)
Judah was one of the sons of Jacob

David, the king of Israel was the son of Jesse

Vs 24 -
Heli was the son of Matthat
Joseph was the son of Heli
Jesus, "the Son of Man", was the son of Joseph.

The Word was fulfilled; a new testament was created.
The genealogy becomes so large beyond comprehension, and it is being studied daily

Many people would have wondered what their purpose in life is. But looking at this genealogy, popular and great names would have been expected to lead to the birth of Jesus, yet affiliated.
Joseph, the son of Jacob, the leader of Egypt was not mentioned but his brother Judah
Solomon, the son of David, the king of Israel was not mentioned, instead it was Nathan
And etc.

No matter who you are, what you are going through, you are created for a purpose and your life is not by accident.
Learn the truth of God's Word and you will surely find a meaning to your life because you are specially, wonderfully and beautifully formed.

God's Word will never go un-accomplished!!

Believe in Him - Christians, Muslims, Jews, whoever you are, whatever you do - the Lord is compassionate; He has created you for a reason. Draw closer to Him, know Him, and your light will become brighter to a perfect end.

Praise be to God!

Omowaye, Omololu Gabriel.

Aug 24, 2010


BerylPubaf '2011' Ticker, Nig.
By Gabriel O. Omowaye

As measures continue in the ruling party over who should be the next candidate, no one seems to care about the primary election and everyone cares ahead of the primaries. And as explained in previous blog-post, opposition parties remain in the shadow of who knows what. The calculation for the president’s intention continues, and other major contestants in the ruling party are subject's' of the media. Where are the opposition parties? Anyone would wonder when it appears the opposition party is within the ruling party itself and as a subject of discussion in recent times.

Let us at this point focus on the main party – President Jonathan’s caucus and the oppositions – General Babangida (rtd) and Alhaji Abubakar. Intensity continues to accumulate on the President to declare his intention and oppositions have even waded into the matter for Mr President. Not even the loyalists know as President Jonathan has kept his intention to himself, at least for the moment.

Just recently, one of the numerous campaign groups for the President and that was in Kaduna State has its office shut down by the police; and report also had it that the President had refused the on-going monetary support to the various groups. In that order, each group would have to seek for private funding to run its individual campaign. It would have left a spectator as to what was going on.

But then, famous baron and former convicted (acquitted?) governor of oil-rich Bayelsa State, Chief Alamieyeseigha is reported to be heading a major arc of the Goodluck Campaign Organization known as the Goodluck Grassroot Movement. The movement has a PDP stalwart as a Board of Trustees member, the NICON magnate Mr Jimoh Ibrahim whom has reportedly promised to donate 800 vehicles to the campaign movement. The temptation raises, Mr President. The bid is getting way high. Where is Chief Ibori?

Meanwhile, Alhaji Atiku continues on his insistence in legal means for his inclusion as a Presidential flag-bearer of the ruling party, PDP. He believes his stand against the third term bid of former President Obasanjo guarantees him another stamp to his credentials.
General Babaginda (rtd) also intensifies his strategizing and re-strategizing; he knows he has image to cleanse as the ghost of June 12 starts to haunt him ahead of the 2011 election. His experience and knowledge can never be ignored in the process.

Power plays mightily and perhaps arrogantly among the old fore ‘politicians’ and the newly undeniable Mr President. The governors and states and probably, frank to say, regions have divided over the ambitions of mainly the three PDP contestants. Their power and influence is undeniably heavy and it swings across the nation. But first and foremost, if opposition parties are up to the task, then the influence is limited to the ruling party where the heavyweights are ‘deliberating’.

If that be, the ruling party within itself has been looking forward and focusing on the possible presidential primaries. Vice President Sambo and PDP’s ‘Mr fix it’ Chief Tony Anenih are reported to be heading President Jonathan’s campaign in the event he declares as they all hope at the early start of the coming month. Former President Obasanjo has also reportedly met with the South West governors to have their support for the president’s bid. Meanwhile, reports have it that the South-South governors have recalled their stance of support for the president and have decided to stay in the neutral for the time being.

Either way it goes, IBB and Alhaji Abubakar have a high stake of support among bigwigs and members of the PDP political party across the nation and even outside of their own party. Zoning (Northern) arrangement remains another fundamental issue confronting the ruling party as at the moment.

On a side note, DPP and ACN merger?

© Beryl Group Public Affairs

Aug 16, 2010


BerylPubaf '2011' Political Ticker, Nig.
By Gabriel O. Omowaye

In association with exposure, development, and thirst for change comes the cause of putting the square peg in the square hole. Beryl Group Public Affairs, along with integrity activist groups like the Save Nigeria Group (SNG) among few others; and individuals of well meaning characters and knowledge, have clamoured for different approaches to different issues confronting Nigeria as a country, and a leader among developing nations. For the naïve sense of nature of many of its citizens to the properties of good governance, and the impropriety of dignity among the leaders especially in managing national resources, that being solvable, Nigeria would count in soon time as a developed nation. That would in turn give South Africa a voice of concern for the definition of the terms, while Ghana, Libya and Egypt would increase their worthiness in global stature.

A major quality desirous in Nigeria’s political atmosphere at the moment lies in the credibility of the electorate and the firmness of the judiciary. For few years now, I have advocated for review of the country’s party systems in terms of value and virtue, but the number of parties kept increasing. At the moment, there are over fifty-four (54) political parties in Nigeria. Going by statistical enumeration, the ruling party, Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) is about or over the size of forty-five (45) other parties in terms of everything: resources, number, political influences, candidates, seats won etc. In other words, the strength of the democratic system in Nigeria weighs its capability by the strength of the ruling party. I remembered I was one of the very few, if not foremost publicly, who declared the zoning arrangement of PDP as a party affair. I was surprised to read about General Buhari’s position on it; I would have thought he would stick his neck in his own new party to make it fervent. Until about a month ago, PDP’s zoning was the country’s cup of coffee. Who would be surprised when All Nigeria’s Peoples party (ANPP) came up to intensify zoning in their own party? To a follower of my blog, I discussed about the party system in Nigeria in previous blog-posts.

About the last weekend, the PDP National Executive Committee (NEC) declared fit President Jonathan for running for Presidency in the next election, same also as the Board of Trustees (BoT) that has former President Obasanjo as the chairman. But the NEC also maintained the zoning. If that is to go by, the President is not from the North where Power has been zoned to. His only claim to zoning would be on his joint ticket with former President Yar’ Adua’s before the latter passed away. If otherwise, he would insist on the unclear clearance from the NEC to move forward his ambition, if at all. Pressures continue to mount on him to declare his intentions for the Presidential race, even though no response has been ascribed directly to him on the issue, he still remains President and a leader of his party. In the same light, General Babangida (rtd) continues his election campaign: apologizing, networking, and promoting his values as a qualified candidate irrespective of the party’s stand. Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, the former Vice president to General Olusegun Obasanjo (rtd) was denied the party’s ticket to contest but he has went ahead to declare his presidential candidacy on the platform of the same party, insisting on his human and party rights.
Just in another light of similar structure, General Aliyu Gusau was rumoured to have resigned his position as the National Security Advisor, and awaits the presidential approval. I await a confirmed report. He belongs to the PDP caucus, and a senior strategist.

While the PDP mannerism lasts, opposition parties have remained mum, with the leaders granting interview once in a blue moon to retain or regain public consciousness. The Action Congress has just changed its name to Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN). The party seem to be faced with the issue of having compatible Presidential flag bearers.
Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) has General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd), who defected from ANPP as their Presidential flag bearer. Recently, Alhaji Aminu Masari, former Speaker of the House of Representative has moved to CPC join General Buhari. At the moment, there has been nothing much coming from the camp; probably on the strategy dictate for the time being.
ANPP with the 'supposedly new' leader, Chief Harry Akande seems for the need to go back to the fundamental principles that led to the formation for the party.

The situation is generally rather solely-based. Provided with all things happening at the moment nationally, a regular citizen cares about light (electricity), water, shelter and food. Hopefully, Nigeria would not move from over 54 confused parties to just 1 unorganized party state. Opposition is necessary and compulsory for good and effective governance in a democratic setting.

© Beryl Group Public Affairs

Aug 8, 2010

INEC, The Rule is Simple

Berylpubaf '2011' Ticker, Nig.
By Gabriel O. Omowaye

The rule is simple or the rule should be simple, either way, a concise and achievable solution to a lingering problem is always worthwhile especially with its non-confusing arithmetic. Looking back to Nigerian History, there has never been any really elected democratic President. In a political arena of such, in a democratic government, for any election to be free and fair, the electoral governing body should ban all military men from contesting for Presidential or Gubernatorial positions for the next coming elections.

Professor Jega’s radicalism, many would have thought it would bring a major reform to the electoral body but who knows? Yet, connecting the links might raise doubts to the credibility of any election. So far, the INEC requested for a budget of an initial N72 billion that was hiked to N74 billion but over N76.5 billion was approved by the Senate, within the request limited time frame, executed by the Budget Ministry at quick disposal.

The former President Olusegun Obasanjo was a former head of state whose administration brought up a lot of dust. These days, the former President who is known to be outspoken has been canvassing for major electoral and constitutional changes. To a known observer it is for two reasons: to try to revive the dented image of his personality and/or a testing water for the presidential candidature for 'his political godson, Mr President'.
So far, General Muhammadu Buhari and General Ibrahim Babaginda are front-runners in the current election campaign. The National Security Adviser, General Aliyu would have thrown his cap into the ring but declined for security and personal reasons, perhaps known to the allies. Not to forget, the Senate President was in the army too. Chief Obasanjo once said democracy or democratic leadership is a by-product of military training. He argued discipline in the military from the first day to the very last day even after retirement. In that case, when that setting displaces to a democratic setting, it becomes an established if principled godfather-ism. So who decides - the military senior ranking officers or the ballot papers? The case of Mr Buhari would have argued for a case against the proposition of the argument for the ban of military officers for the presidential and gubernatorial positions but also, someone has to put in perspective that majority of the other Senior men were in PDP as against Mr Buhari’s APP/ANPP; and another factor is that General Abdusalam Abubakar who historically handed the reign to a democratic setting, lean closer to the PDP angle. Besides, the (retired) military senior officers are not known to appear before tribunals or anti-corruption agencies. Those who might have tried to appear, the result never comes out, and the few that did were side-waded. So what is the point of voting for them? Yet, they make responsible elders, and some of them who have been on diplomatic missions have reportedly excelled.

All things being equal, every one qualified is able to vote and be voted for. When the system leans to a direction, it is no equity in the first dimension. To balance things out, politics in Nigeria should not be like soccer, it is no David and Goliath battle as to military and civilian, let it be played among the politicians even though many of Nigerian politicians lack moral sense or simple common sense. Electoral knowledge should be promoted and encouraged; transparency, credibility and integrity should not be shrugged off, and perhaps a credible ballot paper could dictate the head that wears the crown. Yet, it should not be totally the winners’ take-all at least for the start.

© Beryl Group Public Affairs

May 20, 2010

The urgent need for Legal Aid Offices in Nigeria and other African Countries

Posted on my facebook group, on February 22, 2010 at 5:02 PM

I did a quick review into the politicking of lawyers in Nigeria, especially by Nigerian Bar Association where there has been quite a number of great and decent activists for the people's interest. It will be nicer for other unions/associations/organization especially journalism/media to take up the challenges of ensuring a stability and efficiency of democracy and the transportation of adequate dividends of democracy to the people.

Despite the activities of lawyers and eminent jurists, I still believe a major step is lacking in ensuring good governance, service and in the defense of the good people of a great country.

So here I have come up with seven reasons in numbered form, clear and concise, with no much elaboration but with simple understanding of why Nigeria and other African countries need legal aid offices accessible to the general population:

1. It reduces the number of innocent people going to prison while criminal-minded people roam about freely

2. The service will enable decongestion of the federal/state prisons

3. It will enable the number of days stipulated by law for police to keep someone in jail before justice is heard - dispensation of justice!

4. The service provides jobs for jobless lawyers

5. It also provides employment for people working in the offices because the offices are not for lawyers, the services are only carried out by the lawyers

6. It provides voice for the voiceless, especially people who cannot afford to get lawyers when facing injustice

7. It cleanses the country to a better degree.

Gabriel Omololu Omowaye, for Beryl Group